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We have professional experience in an extensive range of legal specialities.
We apply our knowledge and technical skill to secure the best result for
our clients' interests.
We offer you the best advice and most advanced technical means to prepare
any legal analysis that you may require.

Corporate Law

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  • Corporate law and corporate operations
  • Minority shareholders
  • Appeals against corporate agreements
  • Administrator liability
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Family protocols

Commercial Contracting


  • Commercial contracts
  • International trade
  • Exchange law

Company Insolvencies and Restructuring


  • Advice in company crisis situations
  • National and International Arbitration
  • Creditor and bankruptcy agreements
  • Incidents of a Commercial, financial, tax, employment, property and criminal nature
  • Mediation and out-of-court settlement of conflicts
  • Restructuring in terms of company feasibility
  • Recovery of credits in bankruptcy proceedings

Procedural Law and Arbitration


  • Attendance and legal assistance in civil and mercantile legal proceedings
  • Analysis and design of solutions for situations of insolvency
  • Bankruptcy liability of administrators
  • Attendance and legal assistance in criminal proceedings

Mergers and Acquisitions


  • Corporate mergers and divisions, and global assignments of assets
  • Buying and selling companies, businesses and assets
  • Analysis and design of business alliances
  • Capital-risk operations
  • Stock markets and TOBs

Industrial and Intellectual Property


  • Industrial property rights: patents and trademarks
  • Brand protection
  • Contracting regarding industrial and intellectual property rights
  • Image and audiovisual rights
  • Intellectual property rights and copyright
  • Advertising Law

Competition Law and Unfair Competition


  • Anti-trust
  • Representation and defence before administrative and legal bodies
  • Legal actions for acts of unfair competition
  • Merger control
  • International trade and competition law
  • Administrative audit in the markets

Administrative Law


  • Public Law and Public Contracting
  • Administrative and judicial review proceedings
  • Compulsory purchase orders
  • Subsidies and aid
  • Regulated sectors
  • Public administrations

Property Law and Urban Planning


  • Sale of properties and property companies
  • Development and construction contracts and contracts of a technical nature
  • Lease and swap contracts
  • Planning
  • Public instruments for land and dwellings
  • Urban planning agreements
  • Urban planning management
  • Permits
  • Urban planning discipline and penalties system

Financial Criminal Law


  • Financial crimes and crimes against equity
  • Fraud and Punishable Insolvencies
  • Corporate crimes and urban planning crimes



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