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We provide quality legal services.
Our experience is our best guarantee.

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Welcome to the SALA REIXACHS LAW FIRM website

Our specialist lawyers are on hand to offer you the best in
personalised advice.
We stand out for the high quality legal services that we
provide for demanding clients.

We have proven experience in an extensive range of legal specialities:
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Insolvency Law, Litigation, Civil Law,
Administrative Law, etc.
Our services include legal aid and defence before the courts in Commercial
Law, Civil Law, Litigation, Criminal Law, etc. 

We offer companies, professionals, directors and individuals our ability in
defending our clients’ interests in a practical and efficient way and a
professional team of the highest quality on whom you can always rely to find
the most appropriate legal solutions for your requirements.


Requiring complete advice from qualified lawyers who know the reality of business. 


Seeking someone to defend their interests, with personal, competent and sound legal treatment.


Who want lawyers with extensive experience and with whom they can consult quickly, reliably and efficiently.


Who have legal problems that are difficult to solve and who need the best technical-legal and personal advice.

Vía Augusta, 48-54, 1º5ª
Tel. +34 932 180 984
Fax. +34 932 187 345

C/ Sagasta, nº 32, 1-Dª
Tel. 902 73 44 80
Fax. +34 932 187 345